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Activist Toolkit

Hey, it's your democracy, right? This guide will help you step up your activism and increase your impact in working for a better world -- and have fun while you do it!

1. Meet in person with your member of Congress. It is the #1 most powerful thing you can do. It's not as hard as it may sound, and we can show you how.

2. Be an online organizer. Learn about some of the tools for activism online and at your fingertips.

3. Write a letter to the editor and help shape the debate -- Our tips will show you how to write letters that are more likely to get published.

4. Writing letters to Congress. We have best practices backed by research on what's most effective in persuading Congress.

5. Learn how to stump a politician! It's a great thing to know how to do at candidate debates and townhall forums. 

6. Get your friends writing their reps with these tips on hosting a letter writing party, helping swing an election by holding a phonebank or gathering petition signatures.