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The Congressional Scorecard: 111th Congress

Image congressional scorecardAfter the historic 2008 elections, we had a new political landscape before us full of possibility for real foreign policy change.  

Did your representatives in Congress help move that vision forward, or stand in the way?

Find out with Peace Action West’s 2009 congressional voting record.
We know that an election isn’t enough to make change. That's why play the role of congressional watchdogs—making sure our representatives are living up to their responsibility to represent our best interests in Washington. We combed through all the votes that happened in the first year of Obama’s presidency and the new 111th Congress so you'd have the tools you need to hold them accountable.

Was your representative one of the brave 12 who refused to support counterproductive sanctions on Iran? Did your senators help lead us to victory in cutting the wasteful F-22 fighter jet program?

With this scorecard, you know the score.

Every member of Congress will receive a copy of this voting record so they know Peace Action West supporters are closely monitoring their commitment to a smart, effective foreign policy. As Congress approaches key votes on everything from a historic new US-Russia nuclear weapons treaty to funding for sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, they need to know we won’t forget these votes. They need to hear from you. 


1. A Message from the Executive Director

2. Best and Worst of 2009

3. Key 2009 House Bills

4. Key 2009 Senate Bills


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