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Download Strategic Cooperation by clicking here. Stopping terrorism. Preventing nuclear attack. Protecting and conserving finite sources of energy.

These are the perennial security concerns that have shaped and will continue to shape American foreign policy for the foreseeable future. However, in the last thirty years the landscape in which we address these concerns has changed dramatically, and the election of a new president and Congress brings an opportunity to accordingly redefine American engagement with the world. The heavy US reliance on the blunt instrument of military force has generated new instability and conflict, and today Americans face a more dangerous world than a decade ago. US security is tightly woven with that of our allies as well as some of our antagonists, and in this interconnected world, we need to use the right tools.

America's new political leadership carries a mandate for a new approach to foreign policy. President Obama achieved an astounding victory with an anti-war and pro-diplomacy platform. In addition, the global response to the US elections revealed public attitudes of hope and readiness to work together to address our shared problems. This historic moment requires quick action to chart a new course. To that end, we present this comprehensive policy agenda, Strategic Cooperation: Global Challenges, 21st Century Tools.




1. Diplomacy with Iran  

2. Toward a Nuclear Weapons Free World

3. Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq

4. The War in Afghanistan and Better Approaches to Ending Terrorism

5. Preventing Nuclear Terrorism  

6. Prohibiting Torture, Restoring Human Rights

7. Diplomacy and the Global Energy Economy: A New Frontier

8. The Conventional Weapons Threat: Control the Illegal Arms Trade and Ban Cluster Bombs

9. Rebalancing Security Spending for 21st Century Challenges

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